It’s the season for sneezing and wheezing. Allergies are rearing their ugly heads again in North Texas.

Doctors say this season will be different than in years past. It’ll be stronger, thanks to the rain and wet weather we saw this spring.

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“The weeds and plants that we have are well nourished because of the rain,” says Dr Steven Apaliski with Allergy and Asthma Centers. “So like any other plant they’re healthy, and when they’re healthy they produce a lot of pollen.”

And for some that suffer, even the promise of cooler weather won’t bring much relief.

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“One thing that’s different in Texas is we have the mountain cedar here,” says Apaliski. “And that pollinates in the wintertime, so unfortunately for some sufferers they don’t get a break in the wintertime.”

Doctors don’t yet understand why some bodies are more susceptible to allergies than others, but those that are sneezing can find some help this season with antihistamines or allergy shots.

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