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KELLER (CBSDFW.COM) – Football is a joint effort for two North Texas siblings. One of the brothers is a star on the field for Timber Creek High School, part of the Keller Independent School District. But his younger brother has a growing fan base for a completely different reason — and they are both all the talk on campus.

“It’s really awesome to see both of my boys on the football field on Friday night. It’s amazing,” said mother DeLana Barsanti.

Taylor Barsanti is a senior linebacker for the Falcons. However, the real MVP of the family might very well be Collin Barsanti, a sophomore with Down syndrome who has emerged as an important member of the school band.

“He’s achieved so many things and done so many things, so much more than we ever thought that he could do,” father Randy Barsanti said.

“It’s great that he gets to participate just like I do, and he gets to do the same thing as everybody else,” Taylor added.

Although, the family is quick to point out that Collin is not a follower by any means. In fact, Collin has become somewhat of a trend setter on campus. “Collin starts hitting the hi-hat on beat,” DeLana explained, “and one of the other band directors says, ‘I love it! I love it! He’s on beat! I love it! Go with it! Go with it!'”

Despite being the athletic star in the family, Taylor said that he will never mind sitting on the sidelines so that his brother can take center stage. “He’s always positive. He’s always in a good mood. There’s nothing really that can upset him much,” Taylor said. “I just love that he enjoys everything that he does, and I try to be like him in that way.”

“He just lightens up a room when he goes in there,” added Randy.

With the addition of Collin to the band, Timber Creek High School has become a symbol of hope, motivation and the idea that anything is possible. “Collin is a game changer,” DeLana stated, choking back tears. “He has taught me so much about myself, about our family, about what this world should be, about how we should treat each other.”