Fort Worth Police Officer, Erik Lavigne is currently pursuing a master’s degree from Texas Christian University (TCU).

(Photo Courtesy of Erik Lavigne)

(Photo Courtesy of Erik Lavigne)

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Why are you pursing a master’s degree? 

“Several reasons, I want to become Chief of Fort Worth PD. I believe nothing proves my loyalty to this city more than achieving higher education locally here at TCU. TCU has created a Criminal Justice master’s program tailored for people like myself in the CJ career field. Another reason is I want to eventually teach at TCU. I want to give back to a career field that has made me the person I am today. I want to give perspectives to the future professionals of the CJ system. Finally, I have two little girls (four and six years old). How can I expect them to get an education if I never did myself? I want to lead by example for my kids.”

What would you tell someone who is considering returning to school to earn a master’s degree? 

“Do your research. Take time to call and question the leaders of your selected program and find out what they have to offer. Unlike a bachelor’s, a master’s should not only be helpful but fun. It is your opportunity to really discover your research side. Find the school that fits you; don’t settle for less. Make the school sell themselves to you.”

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What was the biggest challenge you faced so far in pursuing your master’s degree? 

“My biggest challenge so far has been the clock. I’m a family man with a career. It is hard to make time for kids, take care of my house, make my wife feel special and work, not to mention my schoolwork. Delegating your time wisely is the hardest part.”

What has been the biggest reward so far in pursuing the master’s degree?

“Networking and guidance has been the biggest reward so far. My instructors have gotten me in touch with many people in my career field. I am thinking in a way I never did before due to this program. I cannot say enough good things about my instructors at TCU. Without a doubt, networking has been the biggest reward.”

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