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LEWISVILLE (CBSDFW) – High school homecoming mums are often larger than life, but this year Lewisville High School has found a way to slim them down for charity.

This is the first year for Operation Tame Your Mum. The student council is encouraging their fellow students to take $25 they would’ve spent decorating a mum or garter, and donate it to the Children’s Advocacy Center for Denton County.

“Over my 20 years here I’ve seen mums get larger and more elaborate,” says student activities director Allison Stamey. “We thought if we could take $25 of that and donate it, it would help the center raise funds they need.”

Lewisville High School has worked with the Children’s Advocacy Center in the past, but this is the first fundraiser they’ve done for them.

The student council decided to trim the mums rather than make students give them up. Senior Megan Fritz coined the phrase Tame Your Mum.

“We know girls, especially senior girls, may not want to give up their mums entirely,” she says. “We knew we wouldn’t get much participation that way.”

High school students can spend anywhere from $100 to $300 on a mum, depending on how elaborate they want it.

“Mums are a Texas tradition,” Stamey says. “I wouldn’t ask students to not decorate them at all. I just think they could be cut down a little.”

When they donate, students will get a trinket they can add to their mum or garter as a sign they donated. The trinket is a clear plastic heart on a purple ribbon, in the colors of the Advocacy Center.

Every $25 donation can provide a 10 minute therapy session, create an “instead” bag that redirects harmful actions, and can help the center stock their food pantry.

The fundraiser will run until Lewisville High school’s homecoming on October 16.

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