Jennifer Bristol is the owner of North Node, LLC, a marketing and business development company in North Texas. She earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and is currently working on her Master of Business Administration from the Texas A&M University through the Universities Center Downtown in downtown Dallas.

(Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Bristol)

(Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Bristol)

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“I was looking to shake things up a bit. I had a 20 year career in marketing, sales, business development and even business ownership, but was ready to take it all to the next level in a big way. I didn’t know the MBA was the answer at the time, but I knew it wouldn’t hurt,” said Bristol who also commented that pursuing her MBA, “made me look at everything through fresh eyes. It’s introduced me to people who are driven and passionate about their respective fields. It’s challenged me and motivated me in ways I couldn’t have expected. I’m using the MBA to fuel my entrepreneurial tendencies and am excited for the additional layers of expertise it allows me to pass on to my clients.”

Why are you considering pursuing a master’s degree?

“I’ve considered pursuing a master’s degree for many years. I’ve researched many programs at many schools around the country. My decision to finally enroll came down to accessibility – convenience of location. An online degree was never an option for me because I really like the classroom environment and wanted the engagement of being with other students. The Universities Center Downtown really changed the game by bringing great programs together under one roof and in the convenience of downtown. Ultimately, I knew what I was continuously learning through experience out in the field was great first hand knowledge, but I wanted to solidify the foundation I was building on through a formal program. The MBA is turning out to be a great decision for me.”

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What would you tell someone who is considering returning to school to earn a master’s degree?

“Do it! Take the leap! There are definitely some hurdles, especially if you’ve been out of school for a while, but it’s really shaken things up for me in a good way. It’s made me think differently, which I love. It’s surrounded me with people from other disciplines who bring varied backgrounds and points of view to the table when looking at any subject.”

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced so far in pursuing your master’s degree?

“I think the biggest challenge is how the demands vary from class to class and semester to semester. There’s a constant shuffle of time management and responsibility, beyond that which already existed in daily life. However, I’m finding the rewards to far outweigh the challenges.”

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