By Gilma Avalos

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ROWLETT (CBSDFW.COM) – After a teen is caught on security camera, egging cars on her driveway, a Rowlett mom took justice into her own hands.

Kelly Ohm shared the video of the offense on The City of Rowlett’s Facebook page, offering $200 for leads leading to the culprit.

Within minutes, 11 people had responded, recognizing the teen in the video.

In that security video, a black truck pulls up to Ohm’s home. A passenger appears to hand something to the person in the backseat. That person opens the vehicle door and begins tossing the eggs. The eggs are heard breaking against the rear doors of the black Tahoe on the family’s driveway.

A "fun" and "harmless" prank will cost vandals hundreds of dollars in damage. (credit: CBS11 News)

A “fun” and “harmless” prank will cost vandals hundreds of dollars in damage. (credit: CBS11 News)

The prank damaged the vehicle’s paint job. Ohm estimates it will cost anywhere from $500 to $700 to repair.

“I want people to know what their children are doing at one in the morning. I would want to know what my children are doing,” the mom said.

It happened around 1:30 AM on Sunday, past the city’s curfew for minors.

It is hard to tell from the security video but an ugly Christmas sweater the teen was wearing apparently gave him away.

“He wore the same jacket to school all week,” said Ohm.

One of those tips led Ohm to the 15 year old boy responsible, and to the two other teens in the truck, 16 year old girls. Ohm personally went to all three of their homes and informed their parents.

“It costs a lot to fix these things and I think they need to know it; they need to feel it and they need to work for it,” Ohm says.

“I don’t want the parents to pay it. I want the kids to pay it.”

The vehicle that was damaged belongs to her teenaged son. The mom believes the teens were familiar with her son’s truck, but do not know her son well. She does not think her son was targeted as several other homes were also egged that night.

The mom has pressed charges but says she will drop them if and when the teens responsible earn the money to pay for the repairs. All three teens have agreed to split the cost of the bill.

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