By: Josh Clark

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DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) – DeAndre Jordan. A name that can spark outrage anytime you hear someone say it in the DFW metroplex, after he reversed course on his decision to sign with Dallas. It’s almost as if everyone should take a page out of Harry Potter and refer to Jordan as “He Who Must Not Be Named.”

The city of Dallas is still reeling at what could have been a special season for the Mavericks. Would they have won the championship? Not likely with the Spurs, Warriors, Rockets and Thunder all looking primed to compete for the championship this season. But you can make a case that Dallas would have been right in the thick of things in the loaded Western Conference. On top of it all, it would have given the fans an up-and-coming team to look forward to as Dirk’s illustrious career comes to an end. A young core made up of DeAndre Jordan, Chandler Parsons and Wesley Matthews would have no doubt been a big step in the right direction for Mark Cuban’s Mavericks.

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Jordan wouldn’t have just been another piece to the puzzle. It would have been a chance at redemption for Cuban, who hasn’t heard the end of it from critics for breaking up a championship team. After striking out on Chris Paul, Dwight Howard & Deron Williams, Cuban had his chance to reel in the big fish for the first time.

What has to be most frustrating about the entire situation is what it did to the future of the franchise. The team was forced to miss out on multiple players because it had a commitment from Jordan to sign. After it was all said and done, the other top tier free agents were gone and the Mavs were left standing at the altar.

(Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

(Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

The only thing left for Mavs fans to do is to voice their displeasure with Jordan on Wednesday night. The Clippers make their long-awaited trip to Dallas for the first time since the DeAndre debacle. A hostile and playoff like atmosphere surely awaits them. So what will the fans do? We’ve asked our sports guys what they would do if they were in the stands on Wednesday:

Jeff “Skin” Wade (Ben & Skin Show): I’m more intrigued by the DeAndre situation than I am emotional about it now. Maybe I’ll get all fired up when I get to the arena and act all angry and butthurt, but for me I want to see how a player that I view as mentally weak will respond to all the hate raining down on him from 20,000 upset fans. I wish it wasn’t on the second night of a back-to-back and I wish the Mavs were at full strength, but I think the fans can get in his head and I can’t wait to see it unfold…at the free throw line. I’m also looking forward to see if ZaZa embraces an enforcer role and takes it out on DAJ – he’s been known to be that guy in the NBA before

Cory Mageors (K&C Masterpiece): If I was in the stands I’d cheer against him. Be as rowdy and loud as I could be for the Mavs, show him how we embrace Dirk and DWill and Chandler and all the Mavs that play here.  I’d be the most engaged fan in the AAC. At the moment I don’t know where this team would be with him, but I feel like Dirk would have a little more freedom and so would the point guards. But would we have depth? I don’t think so. Him not committing to the Mavs made fans skeptical that this team can be successful, but Rick Carlisle won’t let them quit and Dirk will compete every night. Let’s hope that will be enough.

Kevin K.T. Turner (Ben & Skin Show): “I’ve made it a point to not mention his name. I don’t care that he disrespected the city, the organization, or the fans…but he crossed a line when he disrespected a Top 5 human of all-time Dirk Nowitzki.  That’s why, you’ll see me at the game on Wednesday night, throwing out as many respectful insults as possible. For example, shouting “DEANDRE JORDAN DOESN’T SHOWER REGULARLY” or “DEANDRE JORDAN EATS GENERIC BRAND CEREAL” or “DEANDRE JORDAN LIKES NICKELBACK.”

Kevin Hageland (K&C Masterpiece): If I were in the crowd Wednesday night, I would boo the hell out of DeAndre! And it’s not just because he changed his mind about coming to the Mavs –  it’s the fact that the delay of his decision cost Dallas the opportunity to pick up any other free agents, forced them to overpay their own free agents, set the franchise back two or three seasons and may well have cost Dirk the opportunity to go to the playoffs again before his career is over. It wasn’t just a single decision – it was one that severely hampers this franchise for years to come.

Wednesday is all about the Mavericks’ fans. They deserve to boo Jordan every time he touches the ball, and I’m sure they will. I also expect chants with some inappropriate language. Would it bother me? Not one bit.