By Andrew Greenstein

FORT WORTH (KRLD-AM) – As of today, people are not allowed to carry concealed guns into the TCU campus.

Come August 1st, people still won’t be able to.

The TCU Board of Trustees has elected to opt out of the campus carry law that takes effect on August 1st.

The law allows those with concealed handgun licenses to bring guns onto the campuses of colleges and universities.

Public universities may establish gun-free zones. Private institutions like TCU may choose to opt out of the new law, and that’s exactly what the board of trustees has decided to do.

Folks on the TCU campus are pleased with the decision.

“When I’m walking home from the library at about 1:30 in the morning, if we didn’t opt out of that, I’d be a little worried walking around campus,” says Will.

“I’ve always felt very, very safe at TCU, and I don’t see the reason that anything would really need to change,” says Raymond, who’s a part of the chancellor’s leadership program at TCU.

“I don’t think that stressed-out college students should be able to carry a gun on campus,” says Ryan. “With the correct training and all, it would be okay. But unless they have that training, I would feel as safe as I do now.”

The decision was also well-received by TCU parents.

“I have a son here who’s a junior, and I feel very strongly that it’s much safer for the students if only police personnel and campus security are the ones with weapons,” says Martha. “So I fully support the board in deciding that they will opt out and not allow anyone else to have a weapon on campus.”

According to TCU’s student newspaper, TCU 360, the Student Government Association found that nearly three-fourths of undergraduates that it polled supported opting out of the new law.