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NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM/AP) — Thanksgiving is a time when many overindulge. According to the Humane Society it’s also a time when dogs, cats and other pets become sick from what they eat over the holiday.

The Humane Society says even the smallest table scraps can be harmful to pets, who should never eat anything they are not used to.

Poultry and ham bones can be especially harmful. Chicken and turkey bones shatter easily and the shards can get caught in the pet’s throat. Ham bones contain enough salt to cause an upset stomach for dogs and cats.

Some people pour fat drippings from a turkey pan on pet food as an added treat, but it can make the animals sick. Pumpkin can cause diarrhea.

The SPCA of Texas also has a few recommendations on how to make your pets’ holiday season fun and safe:

  • Take caution during meal time, and do not feed pets bones from any type of fowl. Bones from traditional holiday fare such as cooked turkey, goose, chicken or duck are extremely dangerous as they can splinter and puncture internal organs or choke an animal to death. To be extra safe, keep a lid on trash containers.
  • Protect your dog or cat from foods that are too high in fat for them, or chocolate that your dog or cat shouldn’t have. Other foods — such as onions, grapes, alcohol and coffee — can cause anything from a bad tummy ache to choking to poisoning

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