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DALLAS (CBS11) – Dallas Police are investigating a “disturbance” after a near all-out brawl erupted during a radio forum among Dallas County Commissioner candidates.

In a video released Monday, it appears Dwaine Caraway and John Wiley Price are yelling at each other. At one point, the two men had to be held back and physically restrained.

“In the heat of passion and the heat of things, there was a lot of things being said,” said Caraway.

Caraway said he was provoked and it was Price who was the aggressor.

He said Price was not happy with what he had to say during a forum at Heaven 97 radio and started calling him names during a commercial break.

“I’m a little disappointed, in one sense of the word, because I don’t want to project to people that I’m out of control,” said Caraway.

When it did get out of control in the room, Caraway said Price put his hands around the neck of one of his campaign workers. The claim is being investigated by Dallas Police.

“It’s like a bear protecting the cubs. My campaign team, they’re the cubs. And when one is under attack, then papa bear is going to stand up,” said Caraway.

Price did not respond to requests for comment.

Candidate Micah Phillips, who released a snippet of the video to the media, claims Caraway was in the wrong.

“His character is to be questioned after this video is aired,” said Phillips.

He claims Caraway was being a bully and when Price called him out, Caraway did not like what he had to say. Phillips said the racial slurs being used and violent language are inexcusable.

“It was like a drama queen. What he did I think was an embarrassment to our community,” said Phillips.

Caraway said his only regret is to the listeners of the forum and the radio station staff who hosted the forum.

“I wouldn’t be too happy either. They wanted a forum. They got a little bit more,” said Caraway.

Campaign staff for Caraway said there are more videos that paint a different picture of the events. Staff plans to review the videos and release more footage on Tuesday.

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