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Jeff and I arrived in Indianapolis for the NFL Combine around 10:30 a.m. and after checking in to our hotel went straight across the street to Lucas Oil Stadium. Wednesday’s activities were basically centered around measuring the running backs, offensive lineman, and the specialists. It was also a day full of press conferences with head coaches and general managers around the league.  The workouts begin on Friday, so that’s when the action starts, but there’s still plenty of takeaways and nuggets from throughout the day that I thought I’d include, as well as looking at a position the Cowboys might find intriguing in the draft.

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*Yesterday, Stephen Jones told the media that he’s not a big fan of free agency and that he’d like to find another running back to pair with Darren McFadden. Well, if he’s not a fan of free agency, then all signs point to the Cowboys likely selecting a running back at some point during the draft. Heisman winner Derrick Henry weighed in at 247 lbs, but during his press conference he didn’t look fat or anything. I mean he’s over 6’2″. It’s worth nothing that Eddie Lacy was 231 lbs when he weighed in at the combine. It’s important to note that Eddie Lacy is about 3 or 4 inches shorter than Henry. Henry said he wants to lose some weight and play around 240. He’s my fourth favorite RB in the draft and I have a 3rd round grade on him. We also learned that Devontae Booker, the runner from Utah, will not be running because he’s still recovering from a knee injury that he suffered late last season. That’s a bummer for me, as I have Booker as my RB2 in this year’s draft. That could certainly change as we get closer.

*It’s becoming more evident that Jason Garrett just doesn’t want Greg Hardy back. When asked about the status of Hardy in his press conference at the combine on Wednesday afternoon, Garrett coldly replied, “He’s a free agent.” Then in the walk-off interview with local media, Garrett admitted that Hardy did some good things on the field, while some of the things he did off the field were distractions. We all know that, but the tone and the way Garrett said it, just proved to me that Hardy will be here next year over Garrett’s dead body. It’s just not happening. That’s unfortunate because if Hardy were on the cheap, I’d be all in. Pass rushing doesn’t come easy, especially with the Randy Gregory suspension. Garrett also admitted in the press conference that he hadn’t spoken to Gregory since the suspension.

*Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson stated that he wanted a quarterback who could handle playing in the conditions of the AFC North. He brought up hand size at the quarterback position on his own. That’s interesting because one of the questions about Goff will be about how big his hand measures tomorrow. He had a lot of fumbles in college, so it’s definitely a warranted concern. Goff also played at California. Someone without hand size concerns, and who played in the elements at North Dakota State is Carson Wentz. His home games were in the Fargodome, but there were enough games on the road out in cold weather, to prove that he can definitely handle the frigid temperatures. Wentz is a North Dakota kid through and through, which automatically makes him a lot tougher than me. I thought it was an interesting nugget from the new Browns coach, and maybe something that could have slipped considering that he was spending most of his time filibustering and trying to dodge Johnny Manziel questions.

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*49ers GM Trent Baalke told the media that Kaepernick will still be on the roster when his $12 million dollar guarantee kicks in on April 1st. Assuming that’s true, it looks more and more likely that San Francisco won’t go QB at #7, meaning the likely next team who would consider a QB is Philly at #13 or the Rams at #15. A team to keep an eye on might be New Orleans at #12. While they’re happy with their backup situation behind Drew Brees, I wouldn’t put it past them to take a QB if the right guy fell to them.

*Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher said that Case Keenum will be their starter and they’ll give Nick Foles the chance to compete for the starting job. Yikes. I smell a smoke screen. He can’t be serious right?

*White Castle. Overrated. : )

*It’s snowing here.

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