By Andrea Lucia

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ROWLETT (CBSDFW.COM) – The house at the end of Bryn Mawr Drive in Rowlett has no running water and no trash pickup, but it does have a resident — a mysterious one, too.

The house sat empty for years, until neighbors said that Victor Krivozoubov, a man they suspect to be a squatter, moved in about six months ago. CBS 11 News met Krivozoubov in November, when neighbors first complained that he was squatting on the property. He said that he was renting the house, he just did not know from whom. “I pay to friends. My friend pays to an agency,” Krivozoubov said.

Neighbors said that the property is an eyesore. “The fence has fallen down numerous times, and they just keep patching it. There’s dead bushes lying around. There’s holes in the roof,” said Gail Roesle, who lives across the street.

Roesle’s biggest complaint, she said, is the constant barking of Krivozoubov’s four dogs that wake her up in the middle of the night. “We can’t sleep, and my daughter has to listen to music at night to drown out the dogs,” said Roesle.

The city tried sending code violation notices to the owner of the house, but is not quite sure who that is. “That’s a good question. Who owns the house? At this point, it appears the house is in some sort of mortgage limbo or ownership limbo. Several people are involved here,” said Det. Cruz Hernandez with the Rowlett Police Department.

Dallas County appraisal records show that the owners are former residents Charles and Tammy Offutt. But Cruz said that the Offutts presented records in court showing that ownership of the house was transferred to Robert and Barbara Barbour, who neighbors identify as the property’s original owners.

Cruz said that the city has not located the Barbours, and that the company who oversaw the alleged ownership transfer is not cooperating.

The city said that, this week, it will begin sending notices directly to Krivozobouv, requiring him to fix the fence, trim back trees and dispose of trash — or head to court to face possible fines. It is also investigating the noise complaints and any fees owed for possible use of the city’s sewer system.

Police in November discovered that someone had tampered with the water meter, and ordered that the water be shut off. The department said that no one has paid a water bill for the property since 2013. No one is paying for trash pickup either. Neighbors said that it just piles up in the garage. “There’s just bags and bags and bags and bags of trash,” said Roesle.

Now, neighbors are just hoping that they will finally see results.