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GUNTER (CBS11) – Broken windows and dented vehicles after a hail storm could soon be a thing of the past thanks to an out-of-the box invention from a North Texas man.

Michael Siciliano, who lives in Gunter, was sick and tired of waking up to damaged cars after a storm.

“It just seemed like there’s nothing out there aside from putting towels and blankets on your car,” said Siciliano.

The Hail Protector fills up like a balloon. The layer of air creates a cushion think enough to deaden the blow of even the largest chunks of hail.

“Some people think it looks like a caterpillar,” said Siciliano.

The starting price is about $300.

The sizes range from fitting Mini Coopers, to full-size dually work trucks.

“I thought well, I wish I would have thought of it,” said Brent Wilkens, who recently purchased a cover.

Wilkens cannot fit his pick-up truck into the garage. It usually rides out every storm outside.

He says having the cover now helps him sleep right through any storm.

“If I didn’t have it, I know I’m rolling the dice and taking chances. I might have to call insurance agent the next morning,” said Wilkens.

Siciliano feels part of the draw to his product is it could help prevent calls to the insurance company or trips to the mechanic.

“If you can spend five minutes putting this on versus waiting weeks or months to get your car of out the shop that’ll never be the same, it’s an easy decision,” said Siciliano.

The product also comes with an app that will alert customers of any oncoming storms and help users decide when to use their Hail Protector.

Siciliano said the idea has garnered so much attention that he is having trouble keeping up with demands. He feels money is the only problem standing in the way of even more success.

“Maybe it’s not sexy enough for “angel” investors,” said Siciliano.

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