By Austin York

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Obama administration has commuted the prison sentence of a Dallas man who has served the last 23 years.

Wayland Wilson is one of 58 federal convicts whose sentence commuted by the Obama administration.

He was sentenced to 37 years in prison after a conspiracy drug charge back in 1993. Because of federal guidelines, the judge had no choice on the sentence even though it was Wilson’s first offense.

“I knew his case would be reviewed but I didn’t think this quickly. But Thursday I got a call from the Pardon Office in Washington DC, telling me President Obama had commuted his sentence,” said Wilson’s attorney Brittany Byrd.

“It was the most incredible feeling. I was so overjoyed for him and the thought of him being reunited with his mom and children, after spending two decades in prison for a non violent drug offense,” said Byrd, with an obvious sense of vindication

But unfortunately there are many other cases like Wilson’s out there, according to Byrd.

“There are so many hundreds more that are just as deserving as Mr. Wilson that are still waiting for justice,” she said.
Wilson is set for release September 2nd.