By Cristin Severance

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GRAPEVINE (CBSDFW.COM) – Most people would be thrilled if they lost 20 pounds in six weeks but Shanley Abbott is in tears.

“It’s so frustrating not to get a straight answer when you’ve done everything you’re supposed to do,” said Abbott.

Abbott signed up for the Camp Challenge Boot Camp in Grapevine in January.

She paid $500 after learning if she lost the weight and met other criteria outlined in the contract she would receive a refund.

“It’s motivation for you to get up and not eat a cookie and cheat,” said Abbott.

Larry Clay was in charge of the program. He’s a Krav Maga martial arts instructor and man of God.

“Without the lord in your life, no amount of money, no number of awards will fill the void in your heart,” said Clay in a video posted to Youtube.

Boot-camper Rob Muchmore said Clay was the reason he paid $500 and joined too.

“When he said he was a preacher, talking about Christ and everything,” said Muchmore.

Shanely said she worked out twice a day and did the other things outlined in the contract, like checking into Facebook more than 30 times during the program.

Abbott showed CBS11 her contract, documents and screenshots of her check-ins.

The weight is long gone and so is Larry Clay.

“We did what we were supposed to, now he needs to step up and do what he is supposed to do,” said Clay.

Nearly one dozen customers reached out to CBS11 with complaints about Clay and how the boot camp was run.

“He’d cancel classes, people would show up and he wasn’t there,” said customer Elisa Del Gado.

Justin Cheslick told CBS11 he paid, lost the weight and didn’t get a refund either.

“I feel ripped off,” said Cheslick.

Rocco Castellano has known Larry Clay for years through the fitness industry and worked for him as a trainer at the Grapevine gym for two week.

Castellano believes the program is designed to fail because of the body mass index clause in some of the contracts — meaning you have to meet your optimum BMI to get paid back.

“That is impossible. It’s not a good measurement. I’m severely obese based on my BMI,” said Castellano.

When CBS11 first reached Larry Clay by phone, he blamed the problems on boot campers and their bad attitudes for not getting a refund.

Clay then cancelled his scheduled interview.

CBS11 went to the gym several times to try and talk to Clay but were told he left town.

Daniel Molina and his brother bought the gym and had to deal with dozens of upset boot campers showing up to gym demanding answers.

“I know who he is. I’ve trained with him. I’ve heard all the same things, worse things,” said Molina.

Even thought the Molina’s have nothing to do with Clay’s business dealings, they offered one free month to any of people who didn’t get a refund.

CBS11 found Larry Clay now living and working in Amarillo.

Clay was arrested in Amarillo on a theft warrant out of Tarrant County after court documents show he ordered 150 t-shirts from a Fort Worth business and never paid.

It appears he isn’t keeping a low profile.

Clay popped up on a TV news story on the local Amarillo ABC affiliate going by the name Professor Moreh and wearing an Amarillo Krav Maga t-shirt. His Instagram page and even a new website shows he’s back in business.

Boot campers say if he has the money for a new place he has the money to pay them back.

“You’re supposed to be a godly man,” said Abbott.

Clay told CBS11 he had no comment on the arrest saying it’s been resolved.

He also said no refunds are due so he will not be giving anyone their money back.

Abbott has tried disputing the charge with her bank.

Her next step is small claims court.

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