By J.D. Miles

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McKinney (CBSDFW) – Each day that passes this summer increases the threat of getting a bite from a disease carrying mosquito.

And according to a McKinney hospital, some people are at higher risk than others.

Every time she goes outside, Kelly Clark now thinks about protecting herself from mosquito bites.

“I’m pretty concerned so I use Deet products and pretty consistent about,” said Clark.

But as Clark enjoyed a glass of wine on a downtown McKinney patio, she’s unaware that each sip makes her more appealing to the increasingly dangerous insect which can spread both the West Nile and Zika viruses.

“The theory is alcohol may raise your body temperature a little bit and make you more attractive to mosquitoes,” said Dr. Jon Steadman, with the Medical Center of McKinney.

A Medical Center of McKinney spokesman said people who drink alcohol are among the 4 types of people more likely to be bitten by mosquitos. The others are expectant mothers, athletes and people with Type O blood.

“They should enact a lot more precautions and protections against mosquitoes,” said Steadman.

Studies show women who are pregnant exhale more carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitos. So does lactic acid, which runners and people who sweat release more of.

That’s news to some women out for an evening jog who spoke to CBS11.

“I’m probably not gonna be running or hanging around a lake that might be swampy,” said Stacy Powell, McKinney Resident.

A study found people with Type O blood were 83 percent more likely to get bitten.

But for people like Clark, avoiding a little bite from a mosquito isn’t worth a big lifestyle change.

“I’m probably still going to drink wine outside,” said Clark.

People with Type A blood are least likely to be bitten. But doctors said that can offset any increased risk.

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