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DALLAS (1080 KRLD) – Copperhead sightings are surging all across the state of Texas.

Snake experts say the recent emergence of ciacadas are causing the rash of these sightings. The insects that emerge from underground and flourish during the summer serve as food for the copperheads.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine, copperheads feed on the cicadas “For the same reason we eat fast food: It’s cheap and easy.”

Copperheads are also known to consume moths and caterpillars.

Experts say the snakes are known to congregate in small groups, in a stand of oaks located in a large, tidy yard. They lurk amid the leaf litter, drape themselves from understory shrubs and coil at the base of larger trees.

Texas Parks and Wildlife herpetologist Andy Gluesenkamp says you need to be careful around copperheads because they are venomous, however they’re not known to be aggressive.

Experts remind us to remember that if you’re going for nightly strolls from July through September, watch out for copperheads.

“Carry a light at night, wear footwear” says Gluesenkamp. “If you know you have snakes coming into your yard at night, perhaps adjust your schedule so that your not out after dark.”

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