By Dan Haggerty

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ELLIS COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – An Ellis County judge convinced the county she need more money, and she got it! A $70,000 increase.

Judge Carol Bush increase her salary from $95,000 a year to $165,000 a year.

She just showed them how much less she was making compared to her counter-parts.

“From what I understand… she did her research.” says Bill Murdoch a career coach.

Murdock simply says that she negotiated well and proved that she was underpaid.

While most of us can’t even dream of that amount, there are ways to convince your boss that you need a bump in pay.

Something easier to do than you may think — if you’re prepared.

First bit of advice, stick to your “wow” factors, but keep it brief. The less you talk the less likely you are to say the wrong thing.

“As much as possible — keep your mouth shut.” comments Murdoch.

Second, the first offer you get is almost always 10% lower than what they can actually pay you.

Murdoch says, “The person doing the negotiation can give you 10% more sitting there.”

Most importantly, get leverage and use it.

“Have a brag book. A brag book is simply every piece of paper that came across your desk that said something good about you.”

While a $70,000 jump in pay is certainly extreme, the reason she got it is not. But only if you can back it up with documents.

Murdoch says, “If you can’t really negotiate then what you’re doing, is begging. And begging doesn’t work that well.”


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