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ARLINGTON (105.3 THE FAN) – An assortment of Machine-Gun Fish takes as you await the Sunday night Bears-at-Cowboys kickoff:

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ITEM: Some slappy pea-brained politician in Florida, just hours after the boating death of baseball star Jose Fernandez, is trying to politicize the Marlins tragedy by saying Fernandez came to America to stand for the anthem.


In fact, people immigrate to America to avoid having a government dictate their feelings to them.

ITEM: Speaking of which: Ditka versus Kaepernick? They’re both right.

Ditka has a world view, exposed this week via his visit here on 105.3 The Fan with “Shan and RJ.’’ Shan and RJ are taking a lot of grief for not following up on Ditka’s claim that he doesn’t see “atrocities” against blacks in this country.

To many of us, that seems tone-deaf, dumb and blind. But as it relates to Shan, he understood in that interview that the point isn’t interjecting Shan’s own opinion or being a tough-guy questioner. The point is, 105.3 The Fan extracted a news-making answer from a newsmaker.

And now it is up to the rest of us to use Ditka’s view, and Kaepernick’s view, to fuel conversation. Not to fuel screaming at each other… Just conversation. And that is exactly what is happening.

ITEM: Orlando Scandrick, even with his two hamstring problems, was a frisky pup in the Cowboys locker room at The Star on Friday. But… If Scandrick can’t go tonight – he is a game-time decision – the deactivation paves the way for defensive end Ryan Davis, I think. We will keep you posted here, and on the dinged-up status of tackles Tyron Smith and Doug Free, both who plan on playing tonight as I write this.

ITEM: Meanwhile, Dallas is likely to start, or at least give a lot of snaps to, a four-defensive-tackle-like D-line. That should stop the Bears run; we will see what else It can do.

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ITEM: Rick Carlisle told me this week that the NBA is “healthier than it’s ever been.” I asked him why he thinks so.

“Well,’’ the Mavs coach said, “we have a $24-billion TV contract. So we must be healthy, right?”

Funny. And true.

ITEM: Does any team in any sport enjoy itself as much as the Texas Rangers do?

ITEM: Despite reports to the contrary, the Cowboys do not expect to see Chicago QB Jay Cutler tonight and do expect to see Jeffrey. And on Jeffrey… watch out for those nifty double moves!

ITEM: Be careful out there, “Alpha Pup’’ Ezekiel Elliott. And by “out there,” I’m not talking about the football field. By “out there,’’ I’m talking about McKinney Avenue… and about seemingly wishing to run for “Mayor of McKinney Avenue,’’ if you know what I mean.

ITEM: Why do the Cowboys have an eight-game longest-in-the-league losing streak at home? There’s no magic formula here; you play a bunch of games without Romo and a bunch of games without Dez and you lose a bunch of games. Time, though, for a win… in a parking lot or on the moon, as Garrett would say, but mostly, here in Arlington.

ITEM: Next time you rip the Cowboys coaching staff, at least give them this: Dak Prescott is their baby. Not the scouting department’s… Staffer Wade Wilson and that bunch were all over Dak. Credit is due.

They’ve struck gold.

ITEM: And speaking of digging for gold… Gennifer Flowers needs a gig this bad?

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