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DALLAS (105.3 The Fan)Clown sightings are currently the talk all over Dallas/Fort Worth. School districts and police departments have released reports of sightings over the last few days, and they’ve also warned people about the dangers of dressing up like a clown, however, the sightings continue.

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So naturally when the newest Mavericks center Andrew Bogut told 105.3 The Fan’s Ben Rogers and Skin Wade that he enjoyed reading stories online, the guys asked what his take is on all the clown sightings going on.

“It’s pretty funny actually. It’s just a person in a suit. I don’t know why people are freaking out… who gives a crap if someone dresses as a clown, you see them, you wave, you get in your car and you go do your grocery shopping and do whatever the hell you were doing. Move on with your day. If it’s really scaring you that much than you probably got some issues yourself.”

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When asked what Bogut would do if he came across one of these clowns Bogut said, “I’d kinda maybe walk up and ask him how his day’s been? They’re probably more afraid of people walking up to them, because they’re trying to scare people and mess with people. I’d like to see someone just walk straight up to them and see what they got to say.”

“It’s not a big deal, Bogut continued. “Obviously if it’s at night and you’re scaring little kids and stuff… there’s a bit of an issue there. But I’ve read and seen a lot of things with grown adults freaking out over it… I think you’ll be okay.”

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