By Gilma Avalos

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ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Many fans say that the Major League Baseball is making it hard to watch the hotly anticipated game between the Rangers and Blue Jays.

Rangers fans Don and Julio have been going to games together since ’72. “We were kids back then and our parents would drop us off,” says Julio Silva.

For them baseball’s about making memories. And they won’t soon forget that bat flip or that swing. But for a second year in a row Rangers fans say they’ve been sucker punched with bad game times. “We feel cheated,” commented   .

The first game is at 3:30 on a Thursday afternoon. It’s even earlier on Friday. “It’s Texas Rangers not getting respect like iconic teams like New York and Boston get. They always get preferential treatment,” says Don Pierson.

Julio Silva says, “This is what everybody hopes for, they win and they’re in the playoffs to not able to see them cuz you’re at work. It’s not cool.”

But not everyone feels slighted. “I totally understand. It’s baseball.” You can call Tovash Hatcher the “no excuses Rangers fan.” He means it. “There’s no excuses, because the weather is fine. Take the kids out of school for two days! It’s just fine,” comments Hatcher. He says die hard Rangers fans like him will find a way, watching from work, from home, or at the Stadium. “Be ready to cheer. I don’t care what time it is; it could be 4 am. I’m there.

Call it coincidence or conspiracy theory, but one fan feels so snubbed by the schedule he’s convinced Major League Baseball is trying to sway the vote for a new Rangers ballpark with a roof.

“You’ve got all these fans coming in here for the ALDS and maybe they realize how hot it is and they change their mind about what they want to vote for in the next month,” says Rangers fan Patrick Cusack.

Others aren’t buying it.“Oh god! It’s October! It’s not like June or July,” says Pierson.

But even annoyed fans admit there’s an upside, cheaper tickets. Fans who won’t make the game have unloaded tickets on dealers. Stub hub shows tickets for as low as $16 for Thursday’s game.

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