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Among the Haunted attractions in North Texas, one haunted house has a rather peaceful name.  It was named Dan’s Haunted House to stand out from the others, and boy does it!

“There are a lot of haunts in DFW, they are sinister sounding, they are dark sounding.  A few of my friends kept saying ‘hey we are going over to Dan’s Haunted House’ and it just kind of stuck” said the Creator of Dan’s Haunted House Daniel Baker.

Dan’s Haunted House is actually not a house at all, it is outdoors and through the woods near Lake Dallas. Walking in the semi-darkness seems activates some primal survival instinct that I really can’t explain.  You just hear crickets…until you don’t!

“And the great thing is we’re not blasting music at you, you don’t hear generators going off in the background.  We show you what we want you to see and you hear nature” added Baker.

The silence between the scares is actually more scary at times than the twisted characters that make up this Japanese themed haunt.  It is not for the ‘weak hearted’ or real young kids.

“We will scare some people like right away, but other folks what we want to do is plant a seed in your brain” remarked Baker.

JD Ryan is in Lake Dallas at Dan’s Haunted HouseAround Town!


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