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Plenty has been made about the possibility of Dak Prescott taking over for Tony Romo. Jerry Jones did not quell that sentiment this morning.

Maybe that is the future. Maybe that is the now.

Again, this team is quarterback wealthy, and a man like Jerry Jones understands that more than anybody, except the Cleveland Browns, they are Quarterback anemic.

We’re all being forced to pick a side in this, and I am leaning more Dak than I am bring Romo back.

My reasons for wanting Romo back:
1. His experience and understanding of the nuisances of the game.

2. I want to see him ride off into the sunset on a Super Bowl stallion, and this team has pieces for that.

3. The dude has given so much of his body to this franchise I think he’s earned our respect.

4. He’s got a clutch factor that derives directly from his intelligence.

My reasons for not wanting Romo to take over:
1. Dak is playing really well right now and I would hate to lose any steam this thing has gained.

2. Romo has a tendency to throw timely interceptions that put the defense in bad position to keep points off the board.

3. Dak is playing within the winning formula, and not doing anything to cute because he feels like he has to make a big play to be a hero.

4. I don’t want to stunt the next possible ten years of success for this franchise because of one player.

I get it, you are a passionate Tony Romo fan. You think this team will be better when he gets back because he had success in the past.

So did Prince Fielder.  So did Tiger Woods.

The list is a mile long of players who were chased by Father Time. And guess what, that is an all-defeated list of contenders.

I understand that you think his experience is more likely to gain you that edge in a big game. Like an NFC Championship game, where Dak has absolutely no experience.

Romo is still 0-0 in NFC Championship games, so they have the exact same amount of experience.

Here is a list of milestones Dak has met:
1. Start first NFL preseason game.

2. Come in on short notice when Tony is injured and succeed.

3. Establish rapport with offense.

4. Start first NFL regular season game.

5. Lose a game.

6. Win a game.

7. Throw a touchdown.

8. Come back to win a game.

9. Throw for more than 250 yards.

10. Win without your stud wide receiver.

And that’s just a few. And he has more to check off.

I hear people say, “check back with me when he throws for over 300 yards.”

Troy Aikman didn’t throw for 300+ until his 5th career game, against the Rams. Then didn’t do it again until 17 games later against the Rams again. Then it took 10 more games.

In fact, he threw for 300+ only 13 times in his illustrious 12-year career. That’s one game per year that he topped 300, plus one more game.

He did it by playing within the formula, time of possession, let the run game eat the field up, accurately hit passes, don’t turn the ball over and being efficient.

That is the epitome of what Dak is doing.

Oh the game has changed since Troy played.

He won three Super Bowls, and the game has changed to favor the quarterback, I think Dak benefits from that.

Oh, and Roger Staubach passed for 300+ 4 times in his career. Just wanted to throw the Cowboys gold standard for quarterbacking in there.

He’s got two Super Bowls.

Romo has thrown for 300+ 45 times. Yet hasn’t gotten to the NFC Championship game.

This version of the Dallas Cowboys are playing in a similar model to the Staubach, Aikman teams. Tough defenses, run first and throw when you have to offense.

If you think that 2014 Tony Romo is what you want back, you essentially have him right now. Look at these stats brought to you by Mark Lane.

2014 Romo vs. 2016 Dak

Wait until Dak faces a good defense you say. He embarrassed the Bengals as the most accurate passer of the week with 90.5 percent accuracy. The Cowboys kept them off balance with a steady dose of the run and efficient passing, and for the first time in a long time it looked like Dallas was playing against middle schoolers.

Wait until he has to play against a good QB.

That, fortunately we get to see this week.

But if Dak throws a pick, or loses this game, it’s not going to change my mind about what he’s capable of. I have said many times that I want to see him fail, so that we can see how he responds and how he reacts.

If you think he failed in the Giants game, that’s fine. Though I still blame that on 83.

Even still, we saw him bounce back with four straight wins and he never looked like he was out of control of the team or the situation.
I love the presence of mind. I mean, the dude decided to watch Texans-Pats and Clemson-Georgia instead of going to see Kanye.


I’ll go to bat for Romo. He’s had a far more successful career than any of us thought he would when he was picked up as an undrafted free agent. He’s drug crummy teams out of ruts and made them into contenders. He’s created wide receivers out of nothing and he’s given us moments so exciting we thought the team would never lose again.

Jerry Jones said this morning with Shan & RJ that the Cowboys have “options” at quarterback after the bye week.

I believe those options are, start Romo or start Dak. That means this team is quarterback wealthy.

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