By Jeff Ray

Warm temperatures seem to be the new normal here in late October. It is usually cooling down as we step thru October and welcome the end of the summer heat. Instead the hottest week of October will be the last week of October, the hottest one since 1950. This on the heels of ten days of above-normal highs at DFW:

skycam 1 Warm Run to Candy Land  ten day graph Warm Run to Candy Land

Shaded in orange below are all the days this month that logged above-normal for the date. Only six had “cool” temperatures. This will go down as the warmest October on record, breaking the record set back in 1963.

october 2016 calendar temps Warm Run to Candy Land am tease Warm Run to Candy Land

This is supposed to a wet month; October in fact is the 2nd wettest month of the year typically. Instead this Fall (since Sept.1st) the DFW airport has only logged around 3″ of rain, a deficit of almost 3.5″. Compare this with last Fall, the wettest one on record!

annual rainfall Warm Run to Candy Land  rainfall update sample Warm Run to Candy Land

There is a cold front just to our north today but it doesn’t get any closer to us. It’ll retreat across Oklahoma as a warm front tonight and tomorrow. That means we’ll still be in the south winds tomorrow with highs right back to near record levels.

ntx forecast hi today1 Warm Run to Candy Land ntx forecast hi tomorrow Warm Run to Candy Land

Here is your hour-by-hour forecast for the day as well as you Cowboys tailgate forecast:

am morning skycast current 8 to 81 Warm Run to Candy Land  cowboys 2016 tailgate Warm Run to Candy Land

For Halloween dress those kids for warm weather. It’ll be dry as well:

extended 2 Warm Run to Candy Land

We have rain on the way. The chances start Tuesday as Gulf moisture continues to be pumped into the Central Plains by high pressure to our east. An approaching cold front will increase our rain chances as we return to normal temperatures by weekend:

tx futurecast111 Warm Run to Candy Land  tx futurecast12 Warm Run to Candy Land  tx futurecast13 Warm Run to Candy Land

Below is your extended forecast. No cold air behind this front on Thursday. The first week of November looks to again provide above normal highs for Texas as well as most of the nation:

int extended am csv plus 31 Warm Run to Candy Land  may monthly outlook Warm Run to Candy Land