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Life was not easy for Marine Veteran Guy Valentino after his tour of duty when his battalion lost 16 men. Coming home, and back to daily life, proved a challenge.

“I had my own business, the business fell apart. I was going through PTSD problems, depression” said Marine Veteran Guy Valentino.

He got help from Cerebrum Health Centers and The National Foundation for Brain Health for his PTSD.  It changed his life, and now he want to help other Marines back to health.

Guy is attempting his second Guinness Book World Record at the Veterans Day Parade in New York tomorrow.  He will flip a 450 pound truck tire, as fast as he can, for a full mile.

“I chose the tire flip because it’s very symbolic.  I looked at what I struggle with, PTSD, depression so it becomes a symbolic thing. Every day, if I feel like I’m face down, then flip yourself over” Valentino added.

Guy just wants to get a very important message to all Veterans who might be struggling with the same things that he was.

“Just like I am going to flip this tire, turn 180 degrees.  They didn’t train us to sit on the couch, they didn’t train us to lay face down.  Flip yourself over and pick yourself up…let’s get it!” Valentino said with a smile.

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