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DALLAS (1080 KRLD) – A Dallas filmmaker has just released a video of the local communities reaction to the police shootings on July 7th, and says he has a reason for releasing it now.

Christian Vasquez was filming in downtown Dallas as the protest turned violent and took the lives of five Dallas officers.
“As the shots rang out I kept filming long into the night,” he says. “I filmed every day after that until President Obama came to town.”

Vasquez worked to capture reactions as people struggled to come to terms with what had happened. His film “Divided Together Again” was released online just last week after the election results.

“I chose to release it because it really taps into the sense of mourning that people in Dallas faced, and some people are struggling with the election in the same way,” he says. “I think lots of us are asking the question, ‘What do we do next?'”

Vasquez says he’s not directly comparing the two events, but he hopes people will watch his film and pause to consider potential outcomes of this election.

“When we talk about July 7th, the loss of life is what’s tragic,” he says. “And my concern over this election is that more people could lose their lives when they don’t have to.”

Vasquez says how we remember this election, and the night of July 7th, will resonate for a long time. “What concerns me greatly is the kids, and their experiences, and how they’ll remember these events,” he says.

Vasquez is hoping to enter “Divided Together Again” in several upcoming film festivals.

Watch Online: Divided Together Again

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