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Baylor fans rejoice, you got a great coach! Matt Rhule is an absolutely fantastic hire by Baylor.

There was talk that he was going to wait out James Franklin at Penn State, but anyone who paid attention to the college football season this year could tell that the wait might be longer than he wanted.

But he will do well at Baylor.

Rhule built a program at Temple, not exactly stocked with five-star recruits, and while Pennsylvania is a good recruiting state, consider it “off, off, OFF, Broadway” compared to Texas.

He took over 4 years ago from Steve Addazio when they had just gone 4-7.

They took a step back and went 2-10 his first year. Then 6-6, 10-4, and now 10-3.

He can build it

He also is used to the private religious school environment.

Temple, like Baylor, is a Baptist school. Not quite as conservative, but he gets the politics that go along with small, private institutions, and that’s huge.

They will love this hire. It doesn’t have the splash of Herman, or the excitement of PJ Fleck, but this is definitely a good hire. One the school can be proud of.

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