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We had this discussion on the show today. Shan Shariff says no, but Mac Engel and I both agree: the movie Die Hard is 100 percent a Christmas movie.

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So is Lethal Weapon …more on that later, though.

It blows my mind how people don’t see the truth here, that Die Hard is one of the five best Christmas movies of all time.

Consider the following:

-The entire premise of the movie takes place as John McClane is visiting his estranged wife and kids over the Christmas holiday.

-The movie takes place as he is attending said estranged wife’s company Christmas party…Sidebar: Ellis sets the bar as all-time 80’s sleeze-ball creeper.

-John uses Christmas tape to tape a gun to his back.

-Hans Gruber (best bad guy of all time not named Vader) even says, “It’s Christmas Theo, it’s the season of miracles!”

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I’m sorry to the folks who think that in order for it to be a Christmas movie Santa must appear; that’s just foolish. All that’s required to qualify as a Christmas movie is that it takes place during the Christmas season; that the season plays a role in the theme of the movie.

Which Die Hard certainly does, and that brings me to Lethal Weapon.

Another Christmas classic that isn’t given the credit it deserves. The opening credits feature Bobby Helms’ “Jingle Bell Rock” before the hot, blonde prostitute jumps from a high rise down to her untimely death.

Remember when Murtaugh and Riggs go to Murtaugh’s house and leave a note in the Christmas tree that starts with, “Dear Bad guys?”

Or how about the fact that the first time we see Riggs is at the Christmas tree farm?

Or at the very end, Murtaugh adjusts the Christmas lights on his house?

Give it up, folks. Die Hard and Lethal Weapon, are not only Christmas movies but Christmas classics.

Enjoy them with a slice of hot pepperoni pizza and a cold glass of egg nog.

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