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Days after fans watched Mason Crosby’s kick sail through the uprights at AT&T Stadium, many Dallas Cowboys fans are feeling the heartache of a season that could have been … and I’m one of them.

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However, other losses in recent DFW sports history has prepared me for this moment. Losses I don’t want to relive, but will for your reading enjoyment:

2011 World Series
It feels like it was just yesterday that I was standing in The Fan Sports Lounge (RIP) with a glass of champagne in my hand, goggles on my forehead and intentions of burning the midnight oil in a drunken celebratory haze. The electricity flowing through the building came to an immediate stop along with Nelson Cruz’s ability to jump. THAT was devastation … THAT … I NEVER want to relive.

2006 NBA Finals
“But they won in 2011! Why are you upset about it now?” says 99% of everyone. Yes, the wound began to heal once Dirk hoisted that trophy in Miami, but the colossal collapse of 2006 wrecked Big D. For people like me that grew up hoping for destiny with the Three J’s, but slowly applauded lay-ups from Cherokee Parks, the 2006 Mavs were about to accomplish the unfathomable … and then it crashed like a float in a pre-planned parade.

2015 ALDS VS Toronto
Four years after the catch that never was, Rangers fans were ready to march back to the World Series with vengeance on their mind. Then … it ended at the hands of the now hated Toronto Blue Jays in Game 5. A game that marked the third time in the history of the Division Series in which a team lost the first two games at home, but came back to win the series … stomach … pains … feeling them now.

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2006 Wild Card VS Seattle
You know what happened … Let’s continue.

2016 Divisional VS Green Bay
I know, I know I know … It REALLY HURTS now, but it ain’t the worse.

Contrary to the aforementioned events, the Cowboys have a bright future; Dak, Zeke, Dez and others (Jerry asked me to mention Jaylon Smith). This allows the pain to subdue just slightly. Plus, two words … Aaron Rodgers. Give credit where credit is due to a quarterback that displayed his craft with precision. It was Aaron freakin’ Rodgers … not David f’n Freese!


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