By Doug Dunbar

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NORTH TEXAS (CBS11) – Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to our health.

February is American Heart Month; a time to remind ourselves, when something just doesn’t feel right, knowing the signs of trouble can help you be your best advocate.

Take it from this week’s Wednesday’s Warrior who lived, died, then came back to life.

“I thought I’d injured myself working out and that’s what I kept telling myself,” said Tara Robinson, 40, who said she lives a healthy lifestyle but her left arm was sending her a signal. “It was going numb at the time and we chalked it up to stress because I don’t have high cholesterol or high blood pressure or anything like that.”

For four months, Tara explained away her symptoms and then came April 10, 2014.

“I sat up in my bed and knew something was wrong.  My jaw was numb.  I felt clammy. I was hot. I was cold. I was nauseated.

Tara’s husband took her straight to the hospital where doctors found nothing wrong, but the next morning, it happened again.  Then a third and final time that afternoon.  In the emergency room, Tara remembers these words: “You’re having a massive heart attack.”

“That one was tough because you’re in a position where you’re pretty much helpless.”

And at one point, doctors were as well.  Tara remembers slipping away.  Her doctors told her she died on the table.

Tara Robinson (credit: Tara Robinson)

Tara Robinson (credit: Tara Robinson)

“She called my name three times.  I could hear her and I ran into this bright wall and I hit it and I could feel the air come back into my body and I shifted on the table,” she said.

Three heart attacks in one week.  She died and came back.  Incredibly lucky for Tara, a life-saving lesson for the rest of us to be your own best advocate.

Tara ended up having a stent put in her main artery, but now that stent has closed up.  She’s among those whose heart has actually done a natural bypass by growing new blood vessels around the new blockage.

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