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GRAND PRAIRIE (CBS11) – Performing in front of a sold-out crowd in Grand Prairie on Tuesday night, Grammy-nominated rock band, The Lumineers took a political stand by targeting Texas and Planned Parenthood.

Whether fans knew, all of the proceeds from the show at the Verizon Theatre were donated to Planned Parenthood.

“It gets too preachy sometimes when you’re at a show and someone gets on the microphone and they’re all (waves finger). I feel like you’re at school getting yelled at by a teacher,” said Wesley Schultz, the lead singer and guitarist of The Lumineers.

Schultz, drummer Jeremiah Fraites and the rest of the Denver-based band announced their donation earlier in the week and was not planned ahead of the booking.

Schultz said his wife utilized Planned Parenthood for much of her life for health care purposes and cancer screenings.

“We just felt like, let’s put our money where our mouth is,” said Fraites. “Let’s stand for something but really go the next extra step.”

The Lumineers purposely chose their show in North Texas.

“If we did it in Omaha or New York City, it just really wouldn’t make as much sense,” said Fraites.

The state chose to cut off Medicaid funding in December to Planned Parenthood.

A judge recently issued an injunction against the move, a decision now in appeals.

“Being in Texas and all the controversy surrounding it, it kind of plays into it’s a conversation we can all start,” said Schultz.

“In a sold-out theatre, the Lumineers aren’t lacking any support for their music. But not all fans were singing the praises of their politics.

“I didn’t realize they were for Planned Parenthood until a couple of days before the concert,” said Tori Wilson, a fan from Abilene. But I love the Lumineers and I thought I’d still come.”

Some anti-abortion Lumineers fans said they wish they knew ahead of time because they likely would not have bought tickets.

“I just don’t think performances are meant for that,” said Rachel Salalzar, a fan from Forth Worth.

The band said all they want to do is start a conversation among fans and take their music beyond just notes on a page.

“We’re not saying something, to us, that’s very controversial,” said Schultz. “We want people to have healthcare. I mean if you don’t like me for that, you don’t like our band for that, then that’s your choice.”

Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas said it was honored by the needed donation.

Leadership with the Dallas GOP did not want to comment.