By J.D. Miles

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KAUFMAN COUNTY (CBS11) – Low income families in northwest Kaufman County find themselves paying for new roads that already have potholes.

Residents of a rural neighborhood have been surprised by unexpected bills for street repairs they say they never agreed to pay for.

“I’d like to see some paperwork because I never signed anything,” said resident Donna Vaughan.

Dozens of residents just got bills in the mail for $840 each.

It’s to pay the county for repaved streets in their neighborhood seven years after the work was done.

The three streets are already covered in potholes some recent homeowners wonder why they have to pay.

“We didn’t asked to improve the streets we didn’t ask for this 12 years ago,” said Giovanny Ramirez, a neighborhood resident.

Kaufman County officials say homeowners approved repaving three neighborhood streets in 2010.

County Commissioner Mike Hunt told CBS11 he is willing to meet with the residents about the bills.