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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Ambushed in a parking lot and shot in the face, a North Texas actor who survived a brutal attack is making his comeback a little more than a month after the shooting.

Matthew Posey, 58, was leaving Cold Beer Company in Deep Ellum in late January when investigators said a man approached him and started shooting.

“They said it’s pretty remarkable. One centimeter over and it would have been over, you know all over for me,” said Posey.

Police believe the attack was random and have yet to arrest anyone.

“He held my leg down and shot me in the leg and then just started trying to shoot me in the head,” said Posey. “He wasn’t trying to shoot other parts of my body.”

While the shooter remains a free man, Posey is not cowering.

“This guy shot me in the face but he didn’t rob me of my life,” he said.

Posey’s teeth are still shattered, his tongue is stitched together and a fragment of a 9mm bullet remains lodged in his cheek. Despite needing more therapy and at least two surgeries, he is returning to the stage at the Ochre House.

“I’m not stepping down. I’m not stepping back, I’m just stepping up,” said Posey.

He was shot only one show into his original play, Dr. Bobaganush.

On Wednesday, Posey and the rest of the cast will pick right back up in front of a sold-out crowd.

“Well I’m not surprised because he’s a stubborn old goat with a lot of chutzpah,” said Carla Parker, a fellow actress.

Parker and others within the Ochre feel Posey’s determination is inspiring.

“It’s a miracle,” said Parker. “He’s a walking miracle.”

Posey feels the world is a good place and hitting the stage again only helps make it better.

“It shows a spirit of not being defeated and not being a victim,” said Posey.

The first show back at the Ochre House on Wednesday, March 8 is sold out. Dr. Bobaganush runs through March 25.

Tickets are $17 and available at