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Here we are! It’s that time of year again, March Madness, and for me its the best month of the sports calendar.

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You’ve got the NBA and NHL with their playoff push. You’ve got the NFL with Free Agency in full swing and the Draft upcoming. In MLB everyone is an optimist because its Spring Training. The weather is getting warmer, and the best postseason in sports is about to start.

But why is SMU the only one not happy? Because, if you believe the ‘bracketologists’ (and I do) they are looking at a 5 or 6 seed in the upcoming dance.

A 5 or 6 seed for a team that is currently ranked 12th and 15th respectively, which means they should be on the top 4 lines of seeds.

Not under-seeded by 1 or 2 slots.

I would like to say that the conference they play in is working against them, but that isn’t the case for Cincinnati who CBS’s Jerry Palm has as a 3 seed, with SMU at No. 6.

The same Cincinnati team that split the season series with SMU, has fewer Top 100 wins, and the same exact record: 27-4.

Oh, did I mention that Cincy is ranked 3 spots lower than SMU in both polls? I forgot to mention that? Hmm.

I really don’t know what the issue is. I’m sorry, but a 23-8 Notre Dame team with a worse Strength of Schedule, should not be projected higher than SMU.

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Same goes for West Virginia, a team I really like.

The Ponies no doubt have work do to, and winning the AAC Tournament might help vault them into the top 4 seed line where they belong. But right now, the ‘bracketologists’ aren’t seeing it.

Other NCAA Notes

– UT-Arlington tips off their Sun Belt Tourney on Friday. They are the #1 Seed in the Sun Belt and the favorites to win it. Anyone who remembers UTA playing on a stage cannot believe what the last few years have been like. That is a great atmosphere they have.

– Speaking of UTA, I’m told the powers that be at UNT would love to have Scott Cross as their next Head Coach. That’s an exclusive exclusive.

– Keep an eye on Marquette as a team in the 7-10 seed range when the brackets come out as one that can knock off a 1 or 2. Very good offensive efficiency team, big fan of Wojo as a coach, and they have a very good young guard named Markus Howard that is a pretty nice player.

– If you’re looking at a Mid-Major that can knock off a big boy this year, think of Middle Tennessee State. They cracked the Top 25, and can be very dangerous if they aren’t massively under-seeded and get screwed.

– This is a huge tourney for the Pac 12. They have stocked the NBA Draft over the last few years but really have nothing to show for it in the NCAA Tourney. They haven’t had a Final 4 team since 2008, which is eons of that conference, and if they don’t break that this year, that’s a major disappointment

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– Speaking of the Pac 12, do yourself a favor and tune in to the Semi’s and Finals of their tourney. UCLA, AZ, and Oregon are legit tourney contenders, and UCLA/AZ will have 2 of the top 5 picks on the floor in Ball and Markkanen