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*Disclaimer: Doug Gottlieb is a good friend of mine and makes appearances on our radio show.

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Hey OSU…hire Doug Gottlieb! I don’t want to have to repeat myself, Oklahoma St, but I will.

Hire Doug Gottlieb!

This is the sports equivalent of setting up a Tinder account and the first girl that pops up is the one you had a massive high school crush on, who’s husband just skipped town, and he even took the family dog.

Its fate.

I know its a risk. A guy who has never coached before not taking over a job in the NEC, or the WCC, or the Big South, but the Big 12?

Surely that would never happen in 2017. 1917? Maybe. But Oklahoma State would be wise to hire the longtime radio host and College Hoops Analyst.

Coach Cal and Coach K can walk into any living room in America and sit down with the parents of a recruit and be given an hour of their time. Its a benefit of being both at Kentucky/Duke, and everyone knowing their name.

There isn’t a 17 year old kid who doesn’t at the very least know the name Doug Gottlieb. He can get into your living room, and in college athletics, yes coaching matters, but players matter just as much.

If Doug can recruit, he will do well there. I have no doubt he can coach. No doubt in my mind.

I’ve known Doug for many years, there is zero doubt in my mind that he can coach the game. His father was a coach. His brother is a coach. He played under Eddie Sutton. He was a Point Guard.

File Photo: Doug Gottlieb #44 of the Oklahoma State Cowboys (Getty Images)

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I shouldn’t have to continue. If ANYONE was born to coach the game, its Gottlieb.

Quarterbacks, Middle Linebackers, Catchers, Point Guards.

But his biggest problem is he has a well paying job, and the normal route to become a coach is to start at the bottom, as an assistant. I don’t know many people that would willingly give up a 6 figure job to start all over at the bottom for the outside chance to strike it rich.

Not when you have a wife, kids, responsibilities.

But this is too perfect. He’s an OK State alum. He has family in the region. He wouldn’t leave for Illinois after 12 months on the job.

When you’ve just been left at the altar for what is at best a lateral move, you tend to rethink things, and go somewhere safe. Nothing is more safe than someone who has bled for you in the past.

Alumni are loyal to a fault. They don’t leave, especially when its a great job, and I hear T. Boone pays well…although not according to Brad Underwood.

Make the hire. He’s the hometown kid who has a chance to come home. Yes he put his shorts on backwards once and he at one time had an awful take that Manu Ginobili is better than Dirk, but we all miss.

Now its just time for Oklahoma State to make sure they don’t miss.


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