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SURPRISE, ARIZ. (105.3 THE FAN) – As The K&C Masterpiece’s time at Spring Training comes to an end … I know, I’m sad too … I wanted to discuss the city where the Texas Rangers make their annual pilgrimage.

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No, I’m not gonna drop a bombshell, that’s the name of the city – in retrospect perhaps putting it in all caps with an exclamation point was misleading. So, without further ado … OK, maybe a little ado – listen 7-11 weeknights on 105.3 The Fan … here’s my top 10 surprising things about Surprise (and this doesn’t even include ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball trucks rolling in and broadcasting the game … on Thursday).

*Railroad track stop sign

People are always told don’t stop on the railroad tracks – seems common sense should just kick in on the subject. Well, not in Surprise as at the intersection of Olive and Reems there is a stop sign right in front of the railroad tracks. Seems dangerous, no?

*The red arrow

Speaking of potential traffic hazards, some intersections have red arrows – not the DC superhero, but a replacement for solid red lights. I didn’t think this was particularly surprising, but our producer Colby Sapp sure did one night when Cory Mageors and I had to yell stop at him when he was on the verge of blowing through an intersection with one of these and into oncoming traffic.

*The weird shacks straight out of Logan

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, don’t worry I won’t spoil anything … or will I … but this city has numerous giant, run-down shacks, much like the recent box office hit. There are also all kinds of chairs by the shacks, yet no one ever seems to inhabit these chairs or shacks.

*All the above-ground pipes

I’m not talking about the pipes like Arizona is a go through for major oil lines, though there are some like that, rather the numerous instances these man-sized, u-shaped pipes just are and no one seems to care.

*The haboob

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No, no, no … this isn’t some combination of a laughing topless person, but rather a dust or sandstorm – and we saw one! It occurred on air Wednesday as Colby’s cup flew out of the window in the press box and dust/sand flew over and through Surprise Stadium despite the infield having already been tarped.

*Different grocery stores

I should’ve been prepared for this. But it’s always weird when you see places you know like Walgreen’s and Chili’s right next to the grocery store that isn’t called Albertson’s or Kroger’s, but rather Bashas’.

*Pizza Hut buffet

Here is one very welcome surprise about Surprise. I haven’t seen a real walk-in Pizza Hut (not just the one where you order and there are maybe three chairs for the people that didn’t plan ahead) in years and this one had a buffet. And it was only $8!

*Solar panels galore

I made a rough estimate during daily drives to the ballpark and around the town – about one in every four houses has solar panels on their roofs. With that level of energy efficiency, I was surprised I didn’t come across a wind farm … maybe next time.

*City slogan isn’t Surprise Mother#$@&!

Look, I understand taking a line from the greatness that is Doakes on Dexter would be a controversial move, but think about all the press you’d get and all the tourists who would come into town to get a picture with the signs. This is a money-making idea.

*Banister’s empty parking spot

Every day Cory and I have been at the complex and every day Rangers manager Jeff Banister’s parking spot (I’ve attached a picture for you good people) is empty … even though we know he’s here. So, I asked him about it on Thursday’s show. “You aren’t very observant are you,” Banister replied with a smile. “Because if you were, you’d see that I have two parking spots here.” After walking the three extra feet to confirm this, I learned Banister does have two spots and the other one is always filled.

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So, there you have it, the 10 … um, nine now I guess … most surprising facts about Surprise. Hope y’all have dug our work on air and online as much as we’ve enjoyed being at Spring Training!