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HURST (1080 KRLD) – Two men are in jail after police say they tried to scam an elderly woman.

The two men are accused of scamming the 84-year-old woman, who was walking with a cane, out of $1,000 for cleaning and sealing vinyl siding on her home.

Police identified 51-year-old Sam Lee and 57-year-old Robert Mitchell as the suspects.

Authorities say it was a resident who called them after they overheard the two men asking the woman if she knew how much money to get. After investigating, officers arrested the two men and the money was returned to the woman.

Police say they have seen this type of scam before, which suspects claiming to be contractors offered specialized products to seal driveways, asphalt shingles and house siding…usually to the elderly.

Both men were charged with failure to identify charges and traffic offenses.

Lee’s bond was set at $15,750, and Mitchell’s bond was set at $15,500.