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FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – A father and grieving husband is pleading for answers after his wife, Rosa Garcia, was shot and killed in front of her family at an apartment complex parking lot while trying to buy a gaming station last week.

After 23 years with Rosa, Ricky Vasquez said that he’s still trying to figure out how to move on without her. “She was the best. She was supermom, she was superwife, everything,” Vasquez said. “It’s just hard. It seems every day that goes on, it gets more hard.”

Vasquez was with his wife and youngest son, Michael, when they went to meet someone to buy the gaming station. “They said they’d give it to us for $160 if we came tonight,” he said.

But instead, the people they came to meet pulled guns on them. “That’s when I told my family to run, run,” Vasquez said. Four gunmen were aiming at him and his family. “They were shooting at the truck. I tried to get this guy away and started shooting the window.”

Vasquez said that he was trying to get his own gun out of his car when he realized that his wife had been hit. “My son, he was right there, you know? ‘Help! Can somebody call 911?” he recalled.

Garcia died, leaving behind five children. “If I don’t fight for Rosa, who will?” said Vasquez. The couple had been together for 23 years. “She was just a really special person. She was a really, really special person.” Vasquez said that she worked two jobs to support the family.

With the killer or killers still on the loose, the family is now pleading for someone to come forward with information that will help police solve this case. “I would just like the public to know that, if there is anybody out there that had been robbed by these guys, maybe you seen them,” Vasquez said. “All have to stand up and help us get justice for Rosa Garcia.”

Police have not identified any suspects, but Vasquez said that the shooters looked to be as young as 17 years old.