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Grilled cheese it part of the American dream and Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe is out today celebrating National Grilled Cheese Day.

“We are a gourmet kitchen on wheels, we go all over the Metroplex and serve at private parties, SMU is one of our favorite places.  You name it, your driveway, we’ll be there” said Robin Skinner of Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe.

We all had family members that loved to make grilled cheese sandwiches, but Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe has taken that to a whole new level.

“My grandma use to make grilled cheese, but this is actually even better than Nana’s” said Suzanne Olds after her first Ruthie’s Triple Cheese sandwich.

JD Ryan is getting cheesy with Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe and National Grilled Cheese Day…Around Town!

Details: Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe Facebook