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Back in February I developed Pink Eye — no, not that kind — and because I have a history of being able to be the first to eyeball a great mid-round NFL Draft value at quarterback, what better way to marry the two than …

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“The RJ Choppy Pink Eye Academy”!

Remember, way before they were drafted, I pinpointed Dak Prescott (Cowboys) and Russell Wilson (Sehawks) as guys who were going to be great players. And I told the world that Carson Palmer and Andrew Luck, good as they might be, would end up as overrated as iPhones.

My first “Pink Eye Seal of Approval’’ this year was awarded to Davis Webb. And since that fateful day at the end of February when I gave him that honor, he has shot up draft boards.

I should be his agent.

Now comes my next entrant into “The Pink Eye Academy’’:

Chad Kelly of Ole Miss.

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I base my analysis on nothing more than swagger. I don’t need to over-analyze game film; that’s pointless. I can easily evaluate your away-from-football “game’’ by how hot your girlfriend is, whether you walk into a room crotch-first, and how nimbly you slide into the DM’s of porn stars.

Chad Kelly is the Chuck Norris of College Football Swag.

Now, I love this player’s raw ability. Huge arm. Throws downfield quite often. Not afraid to take a hit or take chances. He has that Favre/Romo gunslinger mentality to him.

When you beat Alabama, LSU, and Auburn in the same season, you’ve got something. The guy at the very least is a gamer, at the very best is a risk-taker with a cannon for an arm.

He has all the best and worst qualities of Jay Cutler, and despite the perception, Cutler has been a 10-year starter at QB with essentially the same QB rating as the vaunted Andrew Luck.

Chad’s a headcase, maybe. But his uncle is Jim Kelly. I’ll take a climb on that family tree.

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Chad Kelly is crazy…in that ex-girlfriend you still daydream about sort of way. And now his NFL dream is coming true, with a big first step: Acceptance into the “RJ Choppy Pink Eye Academy.’’