By Gilma Avalos

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COLLIN COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – Nadia Sherwin has been preparing her 2-year-old twin girls for the arrival of their siblings—all three of them.

“We never expected to be a family of seven, but here we are, welcoming three brand new babies and we couldn’t be more excited,” Sherwin exclaims.

As a kindergarten teacher, Sherwin is responsible for a class of 22 students.

“It’s a practice of patience, nurturing and love,” she says.

Sherwin feels uniquely qualified to handle her soon-to-be school of five: twins and triplets.

“You definitely need a lot of patience and I know I’ll need patience with all five. It’s a special profession,” she explains.

At 35 weeks along, Nadia is counting down the days to her scheduled C-section. Despite the controlled chaos coming her family’s way, she appears calm.

Still, she admits when she first found out she was carrying three babies, her reaction was that of shock.

“I think I might still be in shock a little bit,” she jokes.

“I actually thought it was very funny because one of the last things my great-grandfather ever told me was to have as many kids as possible. I apparently took it to heart,” says her husband Robert.

The Sherwin’s used hormone injections to help them conceive, the first time around. After they had the twins, they decided to try for a little boy.

“When we wanted another one, we did the same thing, but did the lowest dose, hoping we’ll just get one,” says Nadia.

“We could not be happier to have five children. It wasn’t exactly what imagined or planned, but we’ll take any gift we can from God,” Robert says.

The couple insists they’re not fazed by five, but others really seem to be fazed — on their behalf.

“We get a lot of people telling us that they’re sorry, that they’re glad they’re not us, but we couldn’t feel luckier than we do,” Nadia says.

Each tiny baby will go through about 10 to 12 diapers a day. That’s more than 13,100 diapers a year. It is why the couple only asked for diapers at their baby shower.

“I think we’re well stocked. We were given thousands and thousands of diapers,” says Nadia.

In just a matter of days, an already full house will be complete.

“We definitely have our hands full — our wallets empty — but our hearts full too.”