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FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) — “There ain’t a day that I don’t get up and think about Nikki.”

Lula Dickerson, 70, can hardly believe Arkansas will finally execute the man who killed her granddaughter, Dominique Hurd, nineteen years ago.

Hurd left Fort Worth to go to college in Arkansas. She was a cheerleader for the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff and her family would receive an acceptance letter to Spelman where Hurd wanted to begin studies in medicine two days after her murder.

Dickerson says you’ll forgive her if she has no remorse for the man who shot Hurd as she clutched a bible in an arkansas pasture.

“I’m sorry y’all, whoever might think it’s wrong me saying that, but that’s how I feel about this,” Dickerson said. “He needs to pay. And I’m glad.”

Dickerson said she first faced Hurd’s killer, Kenneth Williams, as he mocked her during the murder trial.

“At the trial he was like trying to laugh at us and turn around and smirk,” Dickerson said. “The guys would tell him you’d better turn around before we knock your block off, the security guards there.”

Dickerson has newspaper clippings and pictures to remember her granddaughter. But she also has the constant, gnawing pain of grief.

“I would go through this house calling her name, bent over,” she recalled clutching her stomach. “My ex, he said you’re going to have to stop it. You’re going to make yourself sick. Oh, Lord! That was my heart.

“I couldn’t eat. Nikki, with everything going on, I couldn’t eat. I had to have medication for it for all that time.”

Williams was scheduled for execution Thursday evening with most legal routes apparantly closed.

“I’m satisfied now because I know he’s going to pay for it,” Dickerson said. “Some people say, ‘Well, his family—‘. Well, my family suffered to! Still! It doesn’t go away. It just goes and comes and we learn to live with it, that’s about all. We learn to live with it.”