By Jack Douglas Jr. | CBSDFW.COM

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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – For the first time, we are learning what the jury was thinking during their eight days of deliberation before issuing a favorable ruling for Dallas County commissioner John Wiley Price.

On just the second day, April 20, jurors sent a note to the judge indicating that there was a disagreement among them.

“If the jury is not in agreement yet on a specific count, can we go on to another count?”

Judge Barbara Lynn said that they could.

After a week of deliberation, the jury sent another note saying that they were making progress, but still hung up on some charges.

“We have a unanimous verdict on all counts EXCEPT four counts — the jury is split on these. How should we move forward?”

After three more days, on Friday, they sent Lynn their final note.

“After continuing to review the evidence and considering the point of others, the jury is still at an impasse on the same four counts. What is our next step?”

It was just a short time later that jurors entered the courtroom and rendered their findings. Price was not guilty of bribery in his job as a Dallas County commissioner, and the jury was deadlocked on whether or not he cheated on his taxes. The government has not decided whether to retry him in the tax charges.