DALLAS (KRLD) – Matthew McNellis and his girlfriend were out on Lake Bardwell in Ennis County fishing and weren’t catching anything.

“My girlfriend said why don’t you just try one of those chicken McNuggets,” Matthews told 1080 KRLD. So, he baited the hook and waited.

Matthew McNellis

“That big ‘ole fish smacked a hold of it. We thought it was a catfish it was so big. But, it was the biggest bass I’ve ever seen,” Matthews said.

He says they took it to the Highview Marina in Ennis and the fish weighed just under 11 pounds and it was 24 and a half inches long. He says it’s an unofficial record at Lake Bardwell.

The couple decided to throw the fish back in the lake. “I can almost guarantee you that fish will never eat another McNugget,” he said.

Matthews said he hasn’t yet contacted McDonald’s about the big catch. But, when it comes to the next time he’s out fishing … “I might try some of Wendy’s seasoned fries.”