DALLAS (CBS11) – After 30 years, Children’s Health in Dallas is stepping away from its sponsorship of the city’s holiday parade. But there is a person who was visiting Dallas City Hall filing parade permits Tuesday who’s determined to see the parade will march on.

Children’s Health sent out this statement reading in part:

“After hosting the parade for nearly three decades, we have decided to move forward with other new and meaningful ways to bring cheer to families in our community this holiday season. We are considering ways to celebrate and honor the parade’s history in its 30th year, but still ironing out details of a potential event.”

A spokesperson said the tipping point for Children’s Health backing away was having weather cancel two parades in the last few years — the first cancellations in its 30-year history.

“We are like, ‘What’s that going to be like? What’s Christmas here in North Texas without the Children’s Holiday Parade?’,” said parade executive producer Jeffery Giles.

Giles’ HTE Dance academy has had thousands of performers in the parade. Giles says the parade is not ending.

“Not as long as I’m here!” Giles said.

Giles says Hotel Adolphus is still a sponsor. And he’ll look for past and new sponsors to chip in to cover the parade’s million dollar price tag.

“There’s lots of exciting organizations that have located to North Texas and to Texas in general,” Giles said. “And, would like to reach out to them and see about their involvement — as the citizens here in North Texas enjoy the benefits of the organizations we’re going to get those organizations an opportunity to be a part of the sponsorship for this event. ”

For now, the parade is simply called, The Dallas Holiday Parade.