ALLEN (CBS11) –  A woman is sharing her story about a recent encounter with a Peeping Tom in a Collin County store bathroom.

Police tell CBS11 they haven’t had a lot of cases like this where a man was caught photographing a woman in an adjacent stall, but they’re trying to find him before he does it again.

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“Terrified me. My heart stopped. It just absolutely terrified me,” Ranae Ladieu said describing her reaction when she saw the hand of the person in the stall next to her in the Ross bathroom reach under the barrier between them.

“I looked down, and I saw a camera come… I saw it come underneath the stall and start recording me,” Ladieu said.

She ran out of the bathroom screaming into the nearby fitting room area and asked an employee for help.

She said during the busy holiday weekend, neither a manager nor a security guard was available. As she waited with employees and customers, a man came out of the bathroom area wearing the same maroon sneakers she recognized from the stall next to her.

“I said, that’s him, that’s him; somebody please get him, and get his phone, get him, and he just looked at me like I was… and said I was crazy,” she said.

Ladieu watched the man leave the store and pleaded with a store employee as he walked out the front door.

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Invasive video recording suspect in Allen (surveillance)

“And I said, are the police on their way? And she said, no I haven’t called the police. I said, would you call them now, please? And she still didn’t,” Ladieu said.

Eventually Ladieu said she called police herself.

Now she says she feels both violated by the Peeping Tom and disappointed that the store employees didn’t do more to help.

“And it’s not even in the dressing room watching women undress. This is beyond that, and he’s a sexual deviant, and it’s going to only get worse unless he’s stopped,” Ladieu said.

CBS11 reached out to the Ross district manager and the corporate leadership. They have not responded as of Friday evening.

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Police said they are working with the company to get surveillance video of the suspect they hope to release to the public.