MANCHESTER, England (CBSNEWS) – Ariana Grande hosted a three-hour-plus benefit concert for the victims of the bombing at her May 22 show at Manchester Arena.

The A-list roster, anchored by Grande, began with an emotional reminder of what brought everyone here.

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The “One Love Manchester” concert was meant to honor the victims of the deadly bombing nearly two weeks ago, but the message on Sunday took deeper meaning and along with it a renewed fear in the wake of Saturday’s attack in London.

Concertgoer Holly Thornton, 16, admits that she was a bit nervous to attend the concert. “I got butterflies and stuff like that,” she said.

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Thornton and Tia Larson, 16, and were at the Manchester Arena when the suicide bomber struck.

“I thought ‘oh, she’s come back on’ — and people screaming because she’s on,” she said, adding that the thought it was part of the celebration.

They are among thousands of people from the original concert who returned tonight in defiance, they say, of terror.

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