By Jeff Paul

DALLAS (CBS11) – A wild ride for a Dallas woman after she claims her car was stolen a day after leaving her car keys inside a Lyft driver’s car.

Ciarra Vaughn said she called for a ride on Sunday from her Downtown apartment.

Her boyfriend opened the door to their apartment later that evening and Vaughn did not realize she misplaced her keys until the next morning.

She contacted Lyft who worked to put her in touch with her previous driver.

On Monday, when Vaughn walked out to her car with spare keys in hand, she realized the car had been stolen.

“They knew where they were, they knew what they were looking for,” said Vaughn.

Security camera footage appears to show a man walking behind a row of cars and getting inside a vehicle.

Once the person gets inside the car, it takes them five seconds to start the vehicle and take off.

“In my mind there is no other way the person would have got in the car without the keys,” said Vaughn.

After she called Dallas Police, officers found her car smashed up and ransacked in South Dallas.

Later that evening, she received a text message from an unknown number saying, “I put your keys in your car.”

Vaughn said the man seen in the video does not appear to be her driver and her apartment complex security said no one else is seen approaching her vehicle before it is stolen.

“It’s very suspicious,” said Vaughn. “One plus one equals two in this scenario.”

Lyft released an emailed statement stating that it has since deactivated the driver in question.

“You don’t know much about them,” said Vaughn. “You are just trusting that Lyft knows something about them. You’re trusting that they have done their homework on these people.”

Vaughn has since changed her locks and canceled her bank accounts.

“I’m having to rearrange my whole life for this,” said Vaughn.

DPD said it is investigating the incident.