UPDATED | June 13, 2017 6:05 PM

DALLAS (CBS11) – It’s a string of crimes happening at a single apartment complex in Dallas, and residents are asking police to help beef up security.

Residents say they’re having a hard time getting anyone to take action at the Camden Design District Apartments in Oak Lawn. They often get “crime alerts” in their inbox, but Dallas Police say they’re working to change this.

The crimes have left many of Jordan Hough’s neighbors filled with frustration and fear.

“I talked to some of them in the community meeting. You can see they’re sharking… It just shakes your world,” said Hough.

According to police reports, 21 people at Camden Design District reported apartment and car break-ins since January 1.

One resident shared pictures of broken car windows. He filed a police report, but residents say they’re waiting for action.

“I have noticed they’re not on it the way they should be, especially with the track record that we’ve been having,” said apartment resident Elizabeth Cruz.

Dallas Police are taking steps to make people feel safe again. They say the apartments didn’t have a “crime watch” plan in place.

Neighborhood officers helped start a monthly crime watch meeting. The officers are working with residents to find possible suspects.

“You expect more because you are paying a lot of money. You’re trying to see where your money is going,” said Cruz. “There’s always a breakdown – money for valet, for parking… but I would like to see my money go towards my security.”

Apartment management maintains they’re aware crime has increased. CBS11 obtained an email sent out to residents from management that explains they’ve installed more surveillance cameras and increased foot patrol.

The management company said in a statement:

“Camden takes all crime in and outside its communities seriously and our managers always endeavor to be responsive to residents’ concerns.   We have initiated several security measures already at the community in question and  are constantly assessing other measures.   As always, we encourage our residents to report every and all crime to us so we can improve our responsiveness and overall community awareness.”

Residents are also trying to help each other by posting suggestions and support on their online community portal.