FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – You’ll need to think twice before rolling in with a large purse or backpack at Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth. Starting today the concert venue is enforcing a new, stricter bag policy.

There are signs posted all around the venue as a reminder to people. Basically if your bag or purse larger than a small clutch, you can’t bring it inside.

The change means coolers, computer bags, backpacks, briefcases, fanny packs, diaper bags and large purses will not be allowed at festivals and indoor concerts. Only clear bags made of plastic, vinyl, or PVC will be allowed.

Marketing Director Chris Sprinks says that at any given concert the venue will have 2,000 people inside and the new policy is just a new precautionary safety measure.

“There’s no isolated incident that spurred this, but rather just that we’re always trying to improve our security and our safety for our patrons. We just felt like this was one step that we could take in that direction.”

Billy Bob’s is just the latest to implement a new bag policy. The Alamo Dome instituted a similar policy some time ago and the same requirement is in place at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, and the NRG Stadium in Houston.

If you forget about the new policy, Billy Bob’s will let you take your bag back to your car and they’ll be providing a few other options, for a short time, while people adjust to the new rules.

“Second – we’re also gonna be providing large, gallon bag Ziploc Baggies so that you can bring in your items and leave your purse in your car,” Sprinks said. “Third – for the first few weeks we will be offering a complimentary bag check for folks who might have Ubered [sic] or don’t have a place that they can actually put their items.”

The new Billy Bob’s policy won’t apply to indoor tours of the facility during the day – in those cases any large bags or purses will simply be searched.